The Archery Program follows the NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program)

guidelines, using international-style target archery stressing discipline, concentration, and

self-improvement. Archery is open to all 3rd through 8th graders. 3rd graders can practice

with the team, but cannot participate in tournaments.


4th-8th Grade: The registration fee is $60 for 4th-8th Graders and includes a team t-shirt
and tournament entry fees, which are typically $5-7 ($10 for the Regional) for each
3rd grade registration is $30 as they do not participate in any tournaments. A t-shirt and full access to all equipment is included.  The season will run from December to mid-March, with the 1st practice before the start of
winter break.


Practices are held twice a week, on Tuesdays and Saturdays in the Cafeteria. Tuesday
practices are 6-7:30 on a drop-in basis. Ideally, each archer will be able to dedicate around an hour each practice, though with varying sports and commitments this time of year, flexibility is key.  Saturday practices may vary with the tournament season, though every effort is made to be sure each participant has access to practice time between 11 AM and 12:30.  NASP specific equipment (bows, arrows & targets) will be provided for team practice & tournaments. Students are encouraged to practice on their own as well, but will need to purchase their own equipment for that purpose. If your child has a NASP-approved
Genesis bow, he or she may bring it to practice. If you bring your own bow, please be
sure to mark it with your child’s name. Please DO NOT bring arrows to practice.

We usually compete in 4 to 6 tournaments, plus the regional. The tournaments are usually
on Saturdays (sometimes Friday evening as well). They last all day, but an archer will
only be there for around an hour and a half. Archers must arrive 1/2 hour before their flight time to check in, and the actual shooting takes about an hour. Most tournaments have “1st
come- 1st served” advanced registration for flights, though we like to go in time "blocks". As the season progresses, you will receive more logistics/specifics regarding registration.