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Q: Who can participate in Cross Country?

A: The cross country team is open to all 3rd – 8th graders. There are even some meets in which K-2nd graders may participate. It is the only sport at HT where multiple grades practice together. (We do have to separate 3rd/4th grade from 5th-8th during many practices).

Q: Why would my child want to join cross country?

A: Cross country is a great sport for just about anyone. Regardless of fitness level your child will most likely improve throughout the season. It is a unique sport that can be both an individual and team experience. Your child can compete against his/her own personal best time and have a great sense of accomplishment no matter what place he/she finishes. In turn your child will come away with an increase in self-esteem, self-confidence and fitness level! While running can be very challenging, it is a lot of fun. We have theme practices, ice cream runs to Graeter’s, and popsicles after every practice!

Q: What if my child has never run distances before?

A: No problem! Many kids will be new to the sport or start the season only having run in short spurts through their other sports and/or outdoor play. We will start with shorter distances and build up as we go. Also, there will always be a coach or parent that stays in the back and act as our “caboose” for those kids that may be slower or need to walk occasionally.

Q: What is the cost?

A: The early registration fee for 3rd-8th grade was $40. The late registration fee is $60. The early registration fee for 1st-2nd grade is $25. The late registration fee for 1st-2nd grade is $40.  Athletes will receive a uniform that will need to be returned at the end of the season.

Q: How long is the season?

A: The regular season begins in August and ends the first week of October with the CSAA City Meet. The first meet is in late August. There are about 1-2 meets a week in September. There is a state meet at the end of October for those that wish to continue.

Q: When are the practices?

A: Practices have been every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5/ 5:30 pm – 6/6:30 (and Sat. mornings for 5th-8th). (It is possible that one of the practice days will change.) Practices will begin the first week of August for 5th-8th graders and the first week of school for 3rd/4th graders.

Q: Where does the team practice?

A: We usually meet at Seneca Park near the basketball courts (close to the Beals Branch and Peewee Reese intersection). We will sometimes stay and run on the field around that location,

but oftentimes we take to the trails through the park. The kids love the trails! There will also be times that we meet elsewhere, such as Tom Sawyer Park, to practice a course before a meet.

Q: What if my child plays another Fall sport and cannot make it to practices regularly?

A: This is one of the few sports where it is okay. While regular attendance to practices is recommended and will offer the most benefit to your runner, many of the kids are playing one or more other sports. Cross country and other fall sports are great cross training for each other! We offer three to four practices a week with hopes that most kids can make it to at least one or two.

Q: How far do they run?

A: The distances in most of the meets are 1⁄2 mile for 3rd grade, 3⁄4 mile for 4th grade, 1 mile for 5th/6th grade, and 1 1⁄4 mile for 7th/8th grade. In practices we will gradually work up to a total of 1-2 miles for the younger ones and 3-5 miles for some of the older runners. It is okay to walk if needed. No runner will be left behind.

Q: Are there awards?

A: Yes, at most meets all runners are awarded a ribbon. Some meets offer medals for a certain number of top finishers and most meets give team trophies to 1st through 3rd place teams. Our Eagles are a talented group of runners that usually come away with shiny hardware!

Q: What can I do as a parent to get involved?

A: We need lots of parent involvement. We need many parents to come and run with us at practices when their schedules allow. We usually have a large team with 100+ on our roster, and sometimes we’ll have over 50 kids at a practice. Regardless of your fitness level, we can use you in some way. It’s a great way to improve your fitness level as well!