- On-time registration is open through 4/15 with a fee of $75.


- 3rd and 4th grade teams will wear team t-shirts with a custom design for this season (shirt included in registration fee).

  1. - 5th-8th grade teams will wear uniforms that can be ordered through Shively Sporting Goods. The deadline for ordering uniforms is 3/20.


- Any parent interested in coaching is welcome. Please send an email to John Germinario.


- Practices will start in April and run through most of June—short 10 week or less season, with games and large group practices.  7 on 7 teams, equal skill levels, and all focusing on learning sport basics.  There is not a tournament at end of season.


- Evaluations will be held in April. Dates and times TBD.

- Practices will start late April and run through end of June—short 10 week season, with 3-4 weeks of games and a tournament.

-Games start late in May and finals are usually held in June.

- 11 on 11 teams, all skill levels welcome and all focusing on playing as a team while winning.




Q: What if I haven’t been on a team before? 

A: No problem!  We teach the game and skills to the younger girls and still work on basics every practice.  You just need to be willing to learn and we will teach you!  NO MATTER WHAT GRADE YOU CAN JOIN A TEAM IF YOUR NEW TO THE SPORT!


Q: Are there evaluations? 

A: Yes depending on grade level and player numbers. Everyone who wants to play makes a team. 


Q: Do we need certain equipment? 

A: YES!  Equipment is very important to the game and SAFETY of our players.  Each player must have:

-field hockey stick (should come to hip bone from ground to be properly sized)

-field hockey eye googles

-(2) mouth guards—these get lost and a backup is important!

-shin guards

If you need help please contact a coordinator and we will walk you through the basics on equipment.


Q: If I miss practices, can I still play in games?

A:  Not unless it has been discussed with your Head Coach.  Practices are required, this is a team sport and the more time we work together as team the stronger each team will be together.  We understand we cannot all be at everything and as long as there is open communication we can work things out together to benefit all players.

Q: Where are games?

A: The 3-4 graders typically play all games at St. Micheal's and the 5-8 graders play at various grade schools and high schools in the area.


Q: What are the practices like? 

A: All parishioners of all skills levels are welcome to play so each practice is designed to help each player get better whether they are a beginner or an advanced player.  Grade levels will be grouped:  3-4, 5-6, and 7-8 with some overlapping occasionally.


Q: Is Holy Trinity a good Field Hockey Team?

A: ABSOLUTELY! We have strong teams in each grade level, have won CSAA championship and have back to back wins in the City league.


Q: Can I do other sports while I’m on the team?

A: Yes! However, please let your Head Coach know your other commitments so they can plan accordingly for game line-ups, etc.


Q: What if I go on vacation during the season? 

A: That is OK, just let us know so we can plan accordingly.


Q: How many Holy Trinity teams are there? 

A: It all depends on the numbers!   

Q: Is Holy Trinity field hockey fun?

A: Yes, we have a great time practicing, playing and winning!!!  We often scrimmage and provide rewards for the hard work the players put in.  This year we are also adding in some fun events to showcase field hockey and our success as a school in the sport.





Lste April,

May and June

3rd - 8th Girls


John Germinario