Fall(K-2) & Spring (K-8)

K-2 Co-ed

Our Lady

of Lourdes

Jeremy Gerch






Boys & Girls


Josh Petter or
Chip Hayward


How/When do I sign-up? What does it cost to participate?

Look out for announcements in weekly newsletter or parish bulletin and register online on our website. The K-2 Soccer Clinic registration is covered by the Holy Trinity Boosters. The registration fee for CSAA 3rd-8th grade soccer is $55 (includes HTFC Team Uniform Kit).


What does my player need to wear for K-2 games? For 3rd-8th games?

• K-2 players wear the HTFC Soccer T-jersey, Green “Resource Day” Shorts, and preferably White Socks. If they received a jersey in the fall 2019, they will wear that jersey. If they did not play HT soccer in the fall 2019, please reach out to the coordinator for a jersey.

  1. 3rd-8th graders wear the HTFC Team Kit.

How do we get a new/extra T-jersey for K-2 / new uniform for 3rd-8th ?

Upon registration indicate your need for a new jersey/uniform.

If you have questions regarding K-2 uniforms, please email Jeremy Gerch with your request.


Can a Pre-K student participate?

No. This is a protective school/parish/league policy. The leagues are designed for K-2 graders only. The Boosters group has evaluated this request for some time and do not see any changes coming in this policy.


Can I make a teammate and/or coach request?

Yes, please indicate clearly in your registration form. The coordinators will do their best to accommodate all requests for teammates/coaches.


How do I volunteer to coach?  Are there any requirements to coach or help out with a team?

Please indicate your interest on the registration form. If you have questions regarding coaching a K-2 team, please email Jeremy Gerch directly. All participant coaches/team helpers coming into direct contact with Holy Trinity student athletes must complete a background check and the Catholic Parish School requirements. These will be posted.


When does practice start? When and where are games?

Practice schedules will be made when teams are formed. Parents will be contacted by their athlete’s coach.


Where do the K-2 Kids practice?

K-2 practices are held at Holy Trinity campus fields. Your coach will select the specific training/practice area.

Where do the 3rd-8th kids practice?

There are several available locations, depending upon the decision of the actual coach for the particular team. In the past, Holy Trinity Soccer Teams have had access to Seneca Park main field, Chance School sports field, Hayes-Kennedy main fields, Thurman-Hutchins sports fields, and the Water Tower activity areas. The coach is responsible for securing time at his/her preferred location and notifying his/her team before the first week of practice.


What does my player need to bring to practice?

-      WATER Jug or Sports Drink

-      Shin Guards are required

-      Soccer Cleats/Shoes...aka.…Soccer Boots (baseball “cleats” are not allowed)

-      K & 1st Grade: SOCCER BALL (size #3).

-      2st Grade: SOCCER BALL (size #4).

-      3rd -4th Grade: Soccer Ball (size #4)

-      5th – 8th Grade: Soccer Ball (size #5)


How often do kids practice and for what duration?

Practice is once per week for up to 1 hour for K-2nd, up to 1.5 hours for 3rd-8th.


What is the format and what are the basic rules for K-2 soccer:

-      K & 1st Graders play 6 vs 6 (no goalkeepers)

-      2st Graders play 7 vs 7 (including a goalkeeper)

-      A match will consist of four 10 minute quarters.

-      Shinguards are a requirement (must be worn under socks).

-      Cleats are not required (but tend to be safer as they keep kids from slipping into one another) Baseball shoes with
the toe cleat are not allowed.

-      The focus is on fun and sportsmanship; Official scores are not kept.

  1. -    Cheering and Encouragement are most welcome. Coaching by parents from the sideline and yelling at the referee is not.

How do we know if practice or games are cancelled due to weather (rain, etc)? Is there any re-scheduling?

Each team will get updates from their coach or other designated team admin. We all await official word from Holy Trinity Boosters for notices on practice at Holy Trinity and for the League Officials for Games. Rescheduling is completely up to the Leagues. We cannot guarantee any make up games.

What is HTFC? What do the symbols on the badge stand for?

HTFC stands for Holy Trinity Futbol Club. A futbol club is traditionally recognized as the formation of “futbol” SOCCER players, coaches, managers, and supporting enthusiasts who give their all for their love of the game, for their particular club. In this case, we are all together Holy Trinity, and we are specifically participating in coaching, promoting, and playing “futbol” SOCCER. Basically, in almost all other countries on earth, the term "football" or "futbol" (Spanish/Portuguese) refers to the game that we Americans call soccer. Also known as “The Beautiful Game”.


The symbols on our HTFC Badge stand for the Cross (the Power of Jesus Christ and His Resurrection), the Trinity (in nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritūs Sancti)(in the name of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), the traditional image of the soccer ball, and the year of foundation (1883) of Holy Trinity Parish. We are proud to wear our badge and demonstrate our faith and sportsmanship on behalf of our Parish and School.