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Holy Trinity has a great winning tradition in the CSAA championship meet.  Holy Trinity students in grades 1-8 are eligible to participate (no Kindergarten, sorry!).  All Holy Trinity GIFT students in grades 1-8 are eligible to participate, so please do!


Q: What if I haven’t been on a team before? 

A: No problem!  However, this is not a learn-to-swim program.  You just need to know how to swim at least one length of the pool.


Q: Are there tryouts? 

A: No. Everyone who can swim a length of the pool makes the team.  Everyone will swim an individual event.  Relays will depend on the number who sign-up in each grade and will be determined at the meet by the coaches.


Q: Do we need a certain swimsuit? 

A: No, there is no team suit.  Wearing a swimsuit is required!  One-piece suits are preferred.

Q: Are there team swim caps? 

A: YES! New caps have been ordered and they are awesome!  We will hand them out at practice.


Q: What if I can only swim freestyle? 

A: No problem!  A freestyle race is available for all grades.  3rd and 4th may swim backstroke instead, 5th and 6th may swim breaststroke and 7th and 8th may swim butterfly.  Please let me know what stroke you prefer when you sign up!


Q: If I miss practice, can I still swim in the meet?

A:  YES!  Practices are not required, but definitely encouraged if you haven’t been in the pool since summer.


Q: Where is the meet?

A: The meet is held at the Ralph Wright Natatorium at the University of Louisville on SATURDAY, MARCH 3.


Q: Will I get to swim a race in the meet? 

A: Absolutely!  Everyone who registers for swim team is entered in the meet.  Each swimmer will be assigned a heat and lane in his/her event.  The fastest swimmers will swim in the last heat of the event. 


Q: What is the swim meet like? 

A: All parishes in the archdiocese may participate, so there are lots of swimmers and even more parents and grandparents in the stands!! We will have coaches and parent volunteers who will ensure the swimmers get to their lane for their events.  The 1st and 2nd graders swim in the first session, then the 3rd and 4th grades, then we finish up with the 5th through 8th graders in the afternoon.  It’s a long day, but it’s only one day!


Q: Is Holy Trinity a good swim team?

A: ABSOLUTELY! We have consistently won the team championship and have had many swimmers win individual and relay events…and even set CSAA records!!! 


Q: How long is the season? 

A: We provide four practice opportunities the weekends prior to the meet.  There is only one meet, the first Saturday in March.


Q: Can I do other sports while I’m on the team?

A: Yes! However, please check the date of the meet, we wouldn’t want you to miss that!


Q: What if I’m on a club swim team? 

A: GREAT!! We really need you to swim in the CSAA meet for Holy Trinity!


Q: How many Holy Trinity teams are there? 

A: One team, 100 Holy Trinity students strong!!! 


Q: Will this help me make the Olympics?

A: It’s possible.  The great “Madame Butterfly” Mary T. Meagher swam for Holy Trinity and won a gold medal in the Olympics!!  You could be next.


Q: Is Holy Trinity swim team fun?

A: Yes, we have a great time practicing, racing and winning!!!


Q: Will I get an award?

A: The top 16 place finishers in each grade, boys and girls, will receive an award in freestyle races.  The top 8 place finishers in other stroke events and relays will receive awards. Also, the top three teams for girls, boys and combined teams receive trophies, and if you are on the Holy Trinity team, your name goes on the trophy (when we win it!).

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CSAA Individual Champs:

  1. -Georgia Kahler, 5th Gr Girls 50 Breast

  2. -Ella Mattes, 6th Gr Girls 50 Breast

CSAA Relay Champs:

  1. -Taylor Frey, Olivia Gaunt, Greta Kahler, Molly Mercer, 1st-2nd Gr Girls 100 Free Relay

Coach Christine Simatacolas and Holy Trinity celebrate 2017 CSAA Championship title!


Ralph Wright Natatorium (U of L), 2216 S Floyd Street, Louisville

Sunday 2/4 Grades 1-2 practice 2-3pm, Grades 3-8 practice 3-4pm

Sunday 2/11 Grades 1-2 practice 1:30-3:30pm, Grades 3-8 practice 2:30-3:30pm

Sunday 218 Grades 1-2 practice 2-3pm, Grades 3-8 practice 3-4pm

Sunday 2/25 Grades 1-2 practice 2-3pm, Grades 3-8 practice 3-4pm

Ralph Wright Natatorium (U of L), 2216 S Floyd Street, Louisville

Saturday 3/3

1st-2nd grades 10am-12pm

3rd-4th grades 12pm-2pm

5th-8th grades 2pm-4pm